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DrawSplash partners with prestigious educational institutions, helping to manage their entire retail process, from product sourcing to online sales.

The DrawSplash custom ordering system enables users to easily upload, select, or draw up a design and "splash" it onto the garment, letting them see exactly what they will be getting, while making the complex ordering process as simple and intuitive as possible. With DrawSplash, students can create their own custom printed clothing designs and organization shops can satisfy these needs rather than losing sales to competitors. Students can easily order clothing and merchandise for their teams, groups, and events, while shop managers can easily keep track of their organization's brand and logo usage, royalties, and sales.

DrawSplash now handles all aspects of the custom clothing and merchandise market for organizations. Our team manages product sourcing, ethical standards certification, graphic design, file management, and, of course, web platform development. We are perpetually evolving the web software, catering to the needs of both students and shop managers. DrawSplash is constantly growing and working tirelessly to effectively address the problems that our partners face in the clothing and merchandise industries. The DrawSplash system creates a better environment for organization shops, students, and everyone involved in the retailing process!

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